Online family grief coaching is a model whereby family members engage with a coach to address grieving. An objective is to learn to accept and adjust to the loss as a family unit, rather than in isolation. Family members are accountable to each other while at the same time they are expected to support each other. Family members tend to express their feelings and emotions because they know each other and feel that they are in a safe environment. It provides an opportunity for members to demonstrate their strengths as they identify their needs as a family unit and as an individual.

family grief coachingOften, the adults take the lead in addressing the grieving experience. The family composition often determines the input parents/caregivers make. For example, if there are younger children, they may not be able to articulate their feelings and emotions. However, parents/caregivers can provide invaluable information regarding the younger ones. On the other hand, older youth are normally able to express their feelings and emotions in meaningful ways. However, sometimes they may choose not to elaborate regarding their feelings or emotions. For example, they may provide one-word responses when information is solicited regarding their feelings and emotions.

Online family grief coaching sessions are planned so that the tools provided help each member resolve conflicting thoughts that grieving can cause. We guide persons to move from where they are to where they want to go. Thus, our online family grief coach helps the family put things in perspective as a family unit as well as individually. Thus, it focuses on developing coping skills as a family unit and individual needs.