Online individual grief coaching is designed to provide an individual with a safe and judgment-free environment. We strive to help the individual reach his/her optimal level of comfort. The purpose of individual grief coaching is to support a person one-on-one when he/she experiences a loss. When one experiences a loss (such as the death of a loved one) the individual needs his/her feelings and emotions validated by an experienced and understanding person such as a grief coach. Grief is a personal experience, and it is the grief coach’s responsibility to help the individual find strength and develop coping skills. Communicating one-on-one with a grief coach helps an individual make sense of the grieving process and it helps the individual increase his/her confidence that things will get better.

Online individual grief coachingOnline individual grief coaching helps the person identify areas where support is needed, use the individual’s strengths, and identify areas for growth. Online individual grief coaching helps the individual address his/her emotions and feelings brought about by the loss in his/her life. The goal is to help the person adjust to a new life in the best way possible.

Online individual grief coaching is ideal for the person who desires a high degree of confidentiality and personal attention. It is good for the person who may have low self-esteem. In addition, it is preferable for a person who does not want others to know the breadth and depth of his/her loss and how it is impacting him/her. It can accommodate the person who may need irregularly scheduled sessions online. A personal telephone interview is conducted to determine whether the person is a good candidate for individual grief coaching.